Cloud Servers
For new heights in business opportunities
fault tolerance
The servers are located in Tier IV European and American data centers with backup channels and an uninterrupted power supply.
Superspeed infrastructure
Enterprise class hardware and SSD-storage provide unbeatable server performance.
The size of your cloud can grow with the demands of your business. When you need a bigger cloud, add extra resources with one click.

Flexible pricing
Costs depend on the amount of resource consumption. You can pay for an hour or for a month.

Fast. Scalable.
With full control.

Other plans
Other plans
Other plans

Instant cloud set-up

Go from ordering to using your cloud server in under one minute. Advanced features come standard with each cloud.
Root access
Create cloud snapshots
Convenient management tools
Static external IP address
SSL Certificate

24/7 Support
Where are Advanced Hosting cloud servers located?
Our servers are located in Tier IV data centers in Ashburn, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands. The centers also service large corporations, who demand that everything work 365/24/7.
Which operating systems can be installed on the server?
We can install any of the following operating systems at your request: CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian. And if you prefer, you can do it yourself.
How many domains can be assigned to a single cloud?
There's no limitation on the number of domains. You can have as many as you want until your Cloud Server become overloaded.
Is there a DDoS protection?
We recommend using Cloudflare to protect against DDoS attacks. If you prefer, we can help choose the right plan and set everything up.
Do you provide any additional services?
We can help connect cloud storage and choose a CDN for instant file transfers of any size and type.
Are there any promotions or sales?
You can receive bonuses for recommending new users as part of the Advanced Hosting referral program soon.